Clutch Hydraulics


Reasons to Replace Clutch Hydraulics
Worn Out Clutch = Worn Out Clutch Hydraulics. The labor cost to replace an internal slave cylinder assembly costs just as much as the labor to replace the entire clutch set.
Why risk it? Replace it!™
It is estimated the average clutch system gets actuated over 30,000 times per year. This number may be much higher for people who do a lot of start and stop driving! The average automobile clutch lasts 7.6 years. That means the clutch hydraulics can get actuated on average almost 250,000 times before the clutch wears out. Would it be safe to say the seals inside the clutch hydraulics are worn at this point? How about the bushings in the push rods and pivot points in the pedal assembly? If the clutch is worn out after 7.6 years of continuous use and heat cycles then it would be safe to assume the hydraulics could have already failed or are susceptible to failure at some point in the near future.
Get the details on Perfection's Clutch Hydraulic program below:
SKU Offering:
   Slave Cylinders -   303 SKU's
   Master Cylinders - 361 SKU's
Perfection offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date clutch, flywheel and hydraulic application coverage in the industry
Pre-filled master and slave cylinders are available - 22 SKU’s
Hydraulic Lines that connect slave and master cylinders are available – 6 SKU’s
Concentric slave cylinders available with or without the release bearing
One source clutch product supplier - simplifies the ordering and inventory management process: clutch sets, new flywheels and clutch hydraulics.
Reservoirs are installed on all clutch master cylinders
Push rods are included on all master and slave cylinders as required
Clutch hydraulics are all packed in heavy-duty corrugated packaging (not flimsy chipboard cartons) and all boxes are tri-lingual.
A hydraulic disconnect tool is included with all concentric slave cylinders (HT-01)
Toll Free Technical Assistance Hotline. Call 1-800-258-8312 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. Over 50% of all technical calls are clutch hydraulics related! We are here to help!
Competitively priced clutch hydraulic parts that meet or exceed OE with regards to form, fit and function
12 Month Warranty
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